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About me

My name is Tania and I've been a maker all my life, starting my sewing career with a pink velour track suit when I was 11 years old. Even during my 25-year career in PR and corporate communications, working with clients like Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Janet Leigh, Michael Palin and Nora Roberts, my happy place has always been at my sewing machine.

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I know what's it is like to have trouble finding comfortable, stylish bras in your size and be constantly frustrated with poor-quality bras that have to be thrown out after a few months. I decided to try making my own and immediately became obsessed. A bra-maker was born!

Determined to learn everything I could, I had the good fortune to study with the world's leading bra teacher, Beverly Johnson, also known as the Fairy Bra Mother. I completed 160 hours of training, including Bra Design and Draft, Bra Fit for Every Body, Fitting and Support for Plus Sizes, and a Live Fit practicum. (By comparison, graduates of fashion design courses often have less than ten hours of training in bra-making, and almost no experience in drafting.)

Making bras has a right-brain and a left-brain combination that's perfect for me---one minute I'm using my compass, protractor and calculator, and the next I'm choosing laces and fabrics and working with my hands to create something beautiful. However, the most satisfying thing, by far, is working with clients and making a difference in their lives. Bras are truly intimate apparel, closely tied to our sense of self. When I completed a custom-padded bra for a client who had multiple lumpectomies, I was more emotional that she was! 

On a personal level, I'm a born communicator and helper, single mom, dog lover, and compulsive crafter. When I'm not sewing, I enjoy creating encaustic art (painting with beeswax and oils), pointed pen calligraphy and volunteering with my local neighbourhood association.

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