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Frequently asked questions

I'm not in Toronto. Do I have to meet with you in person?

In order to get you into the perfect bra, I need to personally measure you, have you try on the underwires, and fit you into a tester bra so we can figure out where you'll need alterations. I occasionally offer "fitting days" in other locations. If you want me to let you know if I'm visiting your area, please join my mailing list!

I already know my size. Can I just order a bra?

Unfortunately, there is no industry-wide standardization in cup and band sizing (see my blog post), so knowing your ready-to-wear cup and band size isn't enough information to properly fit you into a bra. I only offer custom, made-to-measure bras.

Where is your studio located?

I have a dedicated studio space in my home at Avenue Road and Lawrence Avenue West. There is free side-street parking, and I'm about a 12-minute walk from the subway.

How much does a custom-made bra cost?

Generally speaking, prices start at $250 plus GST, which includes initial consultation, fittings, custom-drafted pattern and finished bra. Prices increase based on style, fabric and lace choices. Half is due upon placing your order, and the balance is due when you come for your first fitting. Discounts are offered if you order multiple bras of the same style within seven days of your initial consultation.

They stopped making my favourite bra. Can you clone my old one?

Yes! If you bring in your old bra, I can duplicate it in the fabric and lace of your choice, and we can even tweak the pattern.

I have a bra that doesn't fit. Can you alter it for me?

Sorry, I am not able to make alterations to ready-to-wear bras, but I can duplicate and re-create the pattern.

I bought my own fabric. Can you sew it into a bra?

Bra fabric is very specialized--it needs to have just the right amount of stretch and strength. I pride myself on the quality of the finished product, and for this reason, I only work with specialty fabrics from specific suppliers. However, I do offer a wide range of fabrics for you to choose from.

Is your studio wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately there are some steps. However, I don't want this to be an obstacle. Please call me to discuss options.

My friends and I all want custom bras. Can we do a group fitting?

I'm happy to set up a "cupperwear" party in your home and offer the hostess a discount!

I have had a mastectomy and need a bra with prosthetics. Can you help me?

Absolutely! I'd be happy to work with you. I can make a bra with pockets for your current prosthetics, make custom prosthetic inserts from polymer beads in a foam "cookie", or make a bra with custom padding to smooth over lumpectomy scars.

I'm trans and I need a bra. You cool with that?

Totally! I offer an inclusive, private and welcoming environment. Also, if you wear drag and need a costume, bring it on! I'd love to help you design the perfect bra.

I'd love to have my wife/partner work with you. How can I make that happen?

Good for you for being supportive! And I'm glad you didn't just buy some ready-to-wear and cross your fingers. It can be a really negative experience to receive a gift of love that doesn't fit. I offer gift certificates for anyone who wants to give a thoughtful and supportive gift to someone they love -- perfect for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays, or special occasions!

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