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COVID UPDATE: I have received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and have resumed seeing clients
in the privacy of my home. I will continue to wear a mask for all appointments.

Custom pattern. Custom fit. 

Made just for you.

Bras should be as individual as the women who wear them. You deserve a bra that's comfortable and makes you look fantastic. Change the bra-buying experience by having a bra made JUST FOR YOU, right here in Toronto. Celebrate your curves and embrace your unique shape.

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Why go custom?

There’s nothing wrong with shopping retail—but what if you’ve tried on every bra and nothing looks and feels right, your size simply isn’t available, or you’ve spent a fortune on a drawer full of bras you never wear? You’re not alone! Here are just some of the reasons people choose to work with a custom bra-maker instead:

Hard-to-find size combinations—Do you have a broad back with small cups (44A) or a narrow ribcage with large cups (32G), and can never find your size? With custom, there’s no limit to cup/band combinations.

Unlimited plus-size options—ALL sizes are ALWAYS available! Custom bras also offer unique design features (straps, slings, power panels, padded straps) to make sure your bra is both comfortable and supportive.

Looking for a minimizer that doesn’t squish—Buying a bra that's too small or accepting a uni-boob aren’t the answer. A true minimizer pattern flattens the apex to redistribute tissue away from the centre.

Uneven breast sizes—If one side of your bra is always too small or large (almost all women have this to some degree), custom bras solve this problem by fitting each of the cups separately.

Spine or alignment issues—Scoliosis, uneven shoulders or kyphosis (widow’s hump) can affect fit and comfort, which are easily accommodated in the pattern making.

Cup problems—Pulling, gaping and muffin top can be solved with simple cup pattern alterations. The fix may actually be a better wire size (for wide or narrow breast root), or the width of bridge between the cups.

Strap problems—Permanent grooves in your shoulders because your strap is working too hard? This often means the band or cup aren’t doing their job. Wider, custom-padded straps can help reduce these grooves over time. Or, do your straps always slip off? Moving the strap tabs will make the difference.

Band and frame issues—Does the back band elastic always sit in an irritating spot, roll, or ride up in the back? Do you have a high tummy that gets in the way of your bra? A custom pattern can fix these issues, including the option to change any pattern to either a “frameless” or “long-line” version.

Post-surgery customizations—Prosthetic pockets in the pattern of your choice, custom padding to smooth lumpectomy scars, or a bra designed to avoid chafing on a tender spot are all available.  

Help and support in your trans journey—Be in a safe, inclusive and private space that celebrates your body.

Looking for something completely unique—If you can’t find that leopard skin sports bra you’ve always wanted, or need a sequined bra for a drag performance, custom is the way to go!

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