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Bra styles available

Getting a custom bra isn't just about fit; it's also about choice. Often retailers carry a limited number of plus-sized bras and an even more limited selection of styles and colours. It's time to fully express your personality in your bra! White, black, beige or copper....or floral, ruby red or even leopard print!


When I do a fitting with a client, I work with tried-and-tested bra styles from the Pin-Up Girls line of patterns, designed by bra-making expert Beverly V. Johnson. During your fitting, we can talk about which one might be right for you. 

Underwire (optional)---The Classic earns its title as one of the most popular and easy-to-wear styles. With a a full-cup/full-band style , it works perfectly for all sizes and is one of the best for optional design variations (eg. rotating the cross-cup seam, raising or lowering the upper cup edge, and splitting/bowing the lower cup to round the shape). The Classic can be made entirely of fabric, with lace trim on the upper cup, or with lace over the entire upper cup. The straps are made from wide fabric for extra comfort and can be lined with foam. 

Pictured: Floral scuba fabric over sheer lining with navy trims (left), and pink satin with lace upper cup and strap (right) in a G cup

Underwire (optional but preferred for best structure)---Like the Classic, Ruby is full-band, but has a lower plunge and more rounded cup for a modern and fashionable silhouette. Support has been engineered around the wires, though they can be left out. This pattern features an off-set vertical seamed cup for the roundest styling, and a shortened upper cup for maximum lift. The Ruby has been specially designed to use with foam lining, enabling you to use virtually any stretch fabric as a cup cover.

Pictured: Red satin and trims over foam-lined cup

Underwire only---The Sapphire is essentially the Ruby pattern (see above) with a partial band, so it must be used with underwires as this is part of the engineering of this lovely bra. Like the Ruby, this pattern features an off-set vertical seamed cup for the roundest styling, and a shortened upper cup for maximum lift. and features a foam-lined cup. Works best for sizes equivalent to ready-to-wear cups in A-F.

Pictured: Electric blue satin over foam-lined cup with navy trims

Underwire (optional but preferred for best support)---Another sister of the Ruby, the Amethyst features lace over foam lining. The Amethyst has a full band style made from lace edging, with the scallops of the lace following the edge of the lower band and peeking out over the foam on the upper cup and fabric strap extension also sports lace edging. Works best for sizes equivalent to ready-to-wear cups in A-F.

Pictured: Purple lace over lilac foam cup and satin front frame

Underwire (optional but preferred for best support)---The Shelley has a full band for great support, which also means it can be made with our without underwires. It has great lift and support thanks to a "power bar" side panel in the cup. It has been specially designed to use with low-stretch fabrics, which gives great support and a flattering profile. This pattern has three options – lace trim on the upper cup only, lace on the entire cup, or a stunning lace and fabric combo. Fabric straps make it extra comfortable. 

Pictured: Sheer gold and black lace upper cup, sheer black lower cup, black satin side panel and frame (left) in a plus size, Fun Dot sheer fabric with satin frame (right)

No underwire---This sweet style is unstructured and has no underwires, so it's SUPER comfortable. As a day-to-day bra, it's great for women who wear up to a C or D cup in ready-to-wear, but for us plus-size gals, it makes a great sleep bra or as leisure wear while binge-watching your favourite TV show. It's available in sixteen combinations of stretch lace, fabric, or a combination of lace and fabric, and can be lined with foam. There's also a longline (midriff) version and can be made with an extra-wide, non-roll soft elastic on the lower band. 

Pictured: White lace over pink satin and foam

No underwire---Practical, comfortable and versatile, this is a great everyday or sportswear bra. Even though there are no underwires, this pattern supports the breasts without creating a uni-boob because of the integrated bridge and "Gothic Arch"-style band. The split lower cup and front and side panels are designed to keep the breasts directed forward yet still separated, and the unique PowerNet front panel helps keep air flowing in the central core. This pattern is available in a huge range of satin and lace combinations (I've even seen it in leopard and leather), and an unlimited range of sizes. OPTIONS: This pattern can be made with a front zipper or hook-and-eye closure. It also works extremely well with a wide, super-comfy non-roll elastic on the bottom band.

Pictured: White lace over copper satin (top), plus-size black satin and PowerNet lined with moisture-wicking active cotton cup lining, and featuring a wide non-roll elastic on the bottom band 


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