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A bra fitting is a very intimate experience, so my first priority is to make you feel welcome and comfortable. When you come to be fitted for your custom bra, we'll start with a chat. I want to get to know you, learn what issues you've had with ready-to-wear, and find out what your dream bra would look and feel like. Wear your best bra, but feel free to bring along your worst so we can talk about it.

What happens in a fitting?


Then, we get down to work. First, we need your wire size--not something offered in ready-to-wear, even though it's often the source of many fit issues. There are dozens of sizes and shapes of wires available, and your wire size may be vastly different from your cup size. We will experiment to find the perfect one, which will give us a breast root measurement for later pattern drafting. I'll take your rib cage measurement.


Once we know your wire size, we're going to try on some tester bras! These are a set of standardized bras that I use to determine your cup size using the Bottom Cut Depth measurement (for more information on the difference between this and traditional ABCD cup sizing, check out this blog post). Many women have breasts that are different sizes, so we'll treat them individually. 


Now were ready to start the fitting process. I'm going to be evaluating the fit in all parts of the tester bra using a check list of more than 16 fitting points. At this point, we can also talk about other modifications, such as adding padding to straps and fasteners, or adding support through inserts, panels or fabrics. You can also tell me about any other design changes you'd like to see.


Finally, it's time to pick your favourite fabric, lace and finishings to design your PERFECT bra! I will write up your order, take a payment deposit, and we're finished our first appointment.

I will then draft up a custom bra pattern just for you and make up a made-to-measure bra for you to try at your next fitting, where we will fine-tune everything before the final stitching is done and your bra is ready to be picked up.

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